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Chalke Heating is based in the Chalke valley to the west of Salisbury, and maintains central heating systems throughout south Wiltshire and north Dorset.

Over time all central heating systems start to loose efficiency. Rust and lime scale are always present in the 'system'. Radiators are commonly 'bled' of air and there is generally one radiator in the house that seems to collect air. This air is usually a product of either metallic corrosion in the pipe work or a symptom of incorrect pipe work installation.

Rayburn Guild Authorised Engineer Approved Rayburn Guild Engineer, registered to service and maintain AGA Rayburn oil fired cookers.

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The name "AGA" is a registered trade mark of Aga Foodservice Group plc and Chalke Heating is neither a member of the Aga Foodservice Group, nor is it in any way associated with it.

Corrosion is a common problem that Chalke Heating can help with.

The corrosion can be limited by the regular addition of chemicals to the system. This doesn't clean the system but stops future corrosion. Without regular protection this kind of corrosion gradually builds up over a period of time until the radiators themselves become blocked at the bottom and stop producing adequate heat. In very bad cases the corrosion will cause the boiler to leak and/or the central heating pump/controls to fail permanently and require replacement.

Heating systems that have succumbed to corrosion require complete cleaning out and this is done by a process called 'Power Flushing'. Chalke Heating will clean the whole system including the boiler by pumping through a special cleaner to remove the debris. We then put in new, clean water with a chemical inhibitor to protect the system from further corrosion and build up of lime scale, which is particularly prevalent in Wiltshire and Dorset.

The heating doesn’t come on at all.

Sometimes the central heating system just stops working altogether. This may be caused by one of the components failing, which stops the boiler from coming on. Chalke Heating can investigate and repair or replace any faulty components.