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Chalke Heating recommend an annual oil boiler safety check and boiler service, carried out by a professional oil service engineer, to ensure your boiler is functioning properly.

Regular servicing of your oil boiler helps prolong the life of an oil boiler, and reduces faults and expensive repairs.

Chalke Heating is based on the Wiltshire Dorset borders, and is OFTEC authorised to service and repair all types of domestic oil boilers.

Comprehensive spares carried for most commonly occurring problems. Other parts can usually be obtained within 24 hours.

Oil Firing Technical Association - Registration Number:6223Chalke Heating is OFTEC registered to service all types of oil fired appliances.
Registration number: C6223

Servicing a kerosene boiler could save 5-8% in fuel.

With current oil prices this would outweigh the cost of your boiler service!

Why have an oil boiler serviced?

  • Removes sooting and re-establishes optimum combustion.
  • Possible failures detected in good time.

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Our oil boiler servicing consists of a full check on the burner, heat exchanger and oil tank:


  • Remove the oil burner.
  • Check/replace blast tube 'o' ring.
  • Remove clean and inspect the blast tube.
  • Replace the atomising nozzle.
  • Check / test solenoids.
  • Check and clean photocell.
  • Check the ignition transformer and ignition leads.
  • Check and adjust electrode settings and replace if necessary.
  • Reassemble burner and test, adjust oil pump pressure and air settings to manufacture’s recommendations.

Heat Exchanger

We remove and examine the baffles (both sets if it is a condensing boiler), clean each part of the combustion chamber and check all seals and gaskets, renewing if necessary. On ‘combi’ oil boilers, the central heating pressure vessel is also checked.

Oil tank assessment

Following the burner service an assessment is made of the oil tank.
This checks the in-line oil filter, the tank supports and general situation. A check is made for possible splits/cracks in the oil tank as far a practical.

Boiler Breakdown Checklist

  • Tell Chalke Heating in advance how the oil boiler has been performing.
  • Inform us of electrical work that may have caused a problem.
  • The first thing we will do is check the burner visually and then turn the oil boiler on and check the controls.

Before you call Chalke Heating out please check the basics:

  • Ensure that nothing has been turned off by mistake.
  • Check you haven't run out of fuel. It sounds silly but it does happen and you don’t want to pay for a call out just to be told that!
  • Check the programmer is working correctly and that there is a demand for heat at the boiler.