Oil Boiler, AGA, Alpha and Rayburn
Service Specialists Wiltshire Dorset borders

Chalke Heating service, maintain and commission oil-fired range cookers, such as Alpha and Heritage. We are based near Salisbury on the Wiltshire Dorset borders, and are OFTEC-registered to service and repair all types of oil-fired cookers, including Alpha oil-fired cookers.

Comprehensive spares carried for most commonly occurring problems. Other parts can usually be obtained within 24 hours.

Rayburn Guild Authorised Engineer Approved Rayburn Guild Engineer, registered to service and maintain AGA Rayburn oil fired cookers.

Oil Firing Technical Association - Registration Number:6223Chalke Heating is OFTEC registered to service all types of oil fired appliances.
Registration number: C6223

Oil range cookers serviced, maintained and commissioned include:


Why have a cooker serviced?

  • Cooker servicing removes sooting and re-establishes optimum combustion.
  • Possible failures detected in good time.

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The name "AGA" is a registered trade mark of Aga Foodservice Group plc and Chalke Heating is neither a member of the Aga Foodservice Group, nor is it in any way associated with it.

'Vapour' Burner Service
These include the NOBEL range. All vapour burning oil-fired range cookers should be serviced every 6 months to get the best out of them. Cooker service includes:

  • Remove burner and clean including 'bund' pipe.
  • Fit new wicks.
  • Check and clean flue passage ways in the cooker.
  • Dismantle oil control box, check including valves.
  • Check safety controls.
  • Check in-line oil filter, tank supports and general situation.
  • Check for possible splits/cracks in oil tank as far as practical.

'Pressure Jet' Burner Service
These include HERITAGE and ALPHA oil-fired range cookers. Service includes:


  • Remove oil burners.
  • Check/replace blast tube sealing rings.
  • Remove clean and inspect blast tube.
  • Replace atomising nozzles.
  • Check / test solenoids.
  • Check and clean photocell.
  • Check ignition transformer and ignition leads.
  • Check and adjust electrode settings and replace if necessary.
  • Reassemble burners and test, adjusting oil pump pressure and air settings to manufacture’s recommendations.

Heat Exchanger

We remove and examine the baffles, clean each part of the combustion chambers and check all seals, ceramics and gaskets, renewing if necessary.

Oil tank assessment

  • Checks in-line oil filter, tank supports and general situation.
  • Check for possible splits/cracks in oil tank as far as practical.